Venous disease affects millions of Americans each year. According to the American Venous Forum.

one in three Americans over the age of 45 suffer from vein disease. Although for most patients vein disorders are only a cosmetic problem, untreated vein conditions can progress and lead to serious and even life-threatening health complications.

Knowing the symptoms and risk factors for vein disease helps patients seek diagnosis and receive early treatment. The symptoms of venous diseases vary a lot and can be confusing. So, how do you know when to see a vein specialist?

Signs it is Time to Schedule an Appointment with a Vein Doctor

Your Legs Feel Weak and Heavy

Though it may seem normal to feel tired after standing for long periods, feeling weakness and heaviness in your legs isn’t. These sensations may indicate vein blockages and other issues. Elevating your legs is a great way to relieve that uncomfortable feeling. If you are experiencing this weak, heavy feeling regularly, you should contact your vein doctor immediately.

The Skin Near Your Ankle is Dry and Itchy

Skin issues can be caused by untreated vein conditions. Issues in the circulatory system in your legs can cause dry and itchy skin in your ankles and around your feet.

You Have a Family History of Venous Disease

Family history plays an important role in varicose vein disorders. If there is a strong history of vein disease in your family, being proactive can help you reduce your risks. Visit a vein doctor that evaluates your risks and helps you improve your lifestyle.

You Have Painful Swollen Veins

If you have raised, swollen veins that don’t disappear in a few days, consider scheduling an appointment with a vein specialist. Swollen veins are easy to notice due to their twisted and bulging look.

Why See A Vein Specialist?

Board-certified vascular specialists are trained in preventing, diagnosing, and treating vein disease. A qualified vein doctor can recognize the symptoms of venous disorders and run the right testing to find the underlying cause behind the disorder.

A Vein Clinic You Can Trust

Windy City Veins is a trusted vein clinic with more than ten years of experience. We design treatment plans that help you feel and look better. Ready to get treated? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with an experienced varicose vein specialist.