Patient-Centric Vein Treatment and Prevention

Windy City Veins is a local varicose vein specialist practice. We treat patients with varicose vein issues using a variety of prevention and treatment methods.
Our founder, Dr. Pitroda, started this practice because she wanted to create an inclusive and warm space where you could come and actually feel cared for. So, after years of working for and with practitioners who only saw patients as numbers, she started her own practice.
Dr. Pitroda has helped thousands of patients like you, and has successfully performed over 750 procedures.

Patient-Centric: Our Core Value

Getting Underneath Your Skin

Where so many practices think only about numbers, we care deeply about every patient who comes through the door. We see beyond a medical condition and instead get to know you, your lifestyle, and your unique circumstances.

Prevention Keeps You Well

We’re also strong believers in preventing venous disease issues before they occur. We will educate you on venous disease, teach you how to prevent it, and implement early intervention to avoid putting you through unnecessary treatments.

A Plan For Each Patient

Our deep knowledge of our patients allows us to create custom and individual plans for you that include diet, lifestyle changes along with the traditional treatments. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure our plan works for you.

Outpatient Procedures

Our procedures, if needed, are often simpler and quicker than you may think. Usually, you’ll be on your feet and doing your normal activities that same day.

Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Parol Pitroda

Dr. Parol Pitroda is our founder and leading physician. She is a vein specialist and certified in internal medicine, with extensive experience in preventative care, skin care, and nutrition.

Dr. Pitroda completed her residency at West Suburban Medical Center and has been practicing medicine for over 14 years. She’s a member of The American Board of Internal Medicine, and is affiliated with St. Alexis Hospital, Alexian Brothers and Northwest Community Hospital.

Look and Feel Better With Vein Treatment

Venous disease affects you on the inside and the outside. At Windy City Veins, we help you overcome both, so you can feel your best and be confident in your body.

Client Testimonials

“Dr. Pitroda and her team are phenomenal. Their staff is amazing, well educated and so very friendly! I always feel welcomed and at home whenever I walk into the office. They don’t hesitate to explain everything.”

- Kristi

Client Testimonials

“Had a great experience with Dr. Pitroda. It was a very nice clinic and friendly staff.”

- Silva

Client Testimonials

“Dr. Pitroda has a wonderful bedside manner and she’s a good listener. Very thorough doctor who cares about her patients.”

- Michael

Client Testimonials

“I immediately felt cared for by Dr. Pitroda and her staff when walking into the door the first time!”

 - Kim

Client Testimonials

“Very nice and caring physician, trustworthy and smart!”

- Angie

Client Testimonials

“Dr. Pitroda is very caring and supportive. Her staff is excellent.”

- Jill

Ready to Get Treatment?

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