Laser treatment plays a huge role in medical and cosmetic treatments, and laser vein treatment is no exception. Laser vein treatment has proven to be effective in numerous vascular issues like rosacea, dilated blood vessels, and spider veins.

Laser Vein Treatment targets the affected vein and transmits energy which is converted into heat. The heat from the laser can kill the specific affected group of cells without affecting the healthy cells around it. This method is what makes the treatment and the recovery more efficient and painless.

Recovery Time

Usually, people looking for laser vein treatments in Hoffman Estates worry about how much time it takes to heal after a laser vein treatment. Your recovery time will vary depending on the size and severity of your problem.

The amount of time a laser vein treatment lasts is also a factor. Again, it depends on the specific details of every case but the average time begins around15 minutes to an hour. Most of the time, more than one treatment session is needed to get the best results possible.

The recovery time also depends on the patient’s ability to heal. Redness or purple discoloration can take several weeks or longer. The red tone will fade into a lighter pink tone, and eventually, a more natural color.

In spider veins, the skin’s vessels will change from a dark blue, almost purple color to a light color. Then, it will gradually disappear in two to six weeks.

Better Treatment Equals Better Recovery

The experience of your vascular surgeon is an essential factor in the success of your vein treatment and recovery. If you’re looking for the best results after a laser vein treatment in Hoffman Estates, Windy City Veins is the best fit for you.

If you have questions or doubts about any vascular issues you might have, go ahead and schedule an appointment with Windy City Veins today.