All medical procedures, no matter the type, tend to be intimidating, especially when we don’t have enough information. People suffering from venous disorders, such as spider veins, often want to get treated but fear visiting a specialist. However, the treatments are usually simple and relatively painless. Let’s go through some of the treatments for spider veins.

Non-Invasive Spider Vein Treatments

Most people who seek spider vein treatment do it for cosmetic reasons since they often appear in clusters or nests and look like bruises. They aren’t usually painful or harmful, but they may develop into varicose veins if not treated, so treatment is usually a good idea. To avoid further complications and get rid of spider veins, your vein specialist can recommend one of a few treatments:


Sclerotherapy involves injecting an irritant solution into the affected vein, which helps it collapse and close. This solution allows blood to start flowing through healthier veins instead. The procedure reduces swelling, causing the vein to shrink until it fades or vanishes entirely within a few weeks.

Spider Veins During Pregnancy

Spider veins commonly show up during pregnancy due to the higher amounts of blood flow and the body’s heavier weight, which puts pressure on the veins. To treat spider veins in pregnant women, it’s better to wait after the child is born. Meanwhile, it’s ideal to eat fibers, work out to help blood flow, eat vitamin C, elevate legs to reduce swelling, and/or use compression socks.

Personalized Spider Vein Treatment 

If you’re suffering from spider veins and want to seek treatment or learn more, you can count on Windy City Veins in Illinois. We’re ready to assist you and provide you with personalized care. We review your case closely and suggest the best treatment for your unique situation. Feel free to contact us. Our experts will make sure to provide you with the best care possible.