Do you think you have spider veins but aren’t quite sure? Uncovering whether or not you’re being affected by this venous disorder is important to avoid future problems.

Although vein insufficiency isn’t commonly harmful and has treatment, you should get treated properly and quickly if you do suffer from it. Let’s go through four potential signs that you do have spider veins.

The Definitive Checklist To Identify Spider Veins

Some may think that discovering spider veins is simple. However, they can be tricky to find. You can identify them through their color, shape, size, or symptoms:

1. Their Appearance

Spider veins are small veins that can be red, blue, or purple, and they’re typically 1 millimeter in diameter. They appear in the shape of thin lines, like webs. In more severe cases, they appear in clusters or nests and look like bruises. 

2. Common Symptoms

The excellent news about spider veins is that they don’t cause pain most of the time. People who seek treatment typically do it for cosmetic reasons. In worst cases, they may cause a little pain, numbness, or itchiness.

3. Family History Of Spider Veins

If your parents have suffered from spider veins, it’s 90% likely you could develop the venous disorder as well. If only one of your parents has vein diseases and you’re a woman, you’re 60% likely to inherit the problem. In men, there’s a 25% chance of inheriting spider veins.

4. Location

You can usually find spider veins around your ankles, behind your knees, or even on your face. In other cases, they can also be found around the chest or hands.

Get The Treatment You Deserve To Look And Feel Better

Whether the tips above helped you identify spider veins or you’re still uncertain, it’s ok. At Windy City Veins, we offer specialized attention to treat vein diseases such as spider veins. We can help you discover your venous disorder and provide you with the right treatment.

Get the treatment you deserve to live a more confident life and avoid your venous problems from becoming more severe. If you’re looking for an Illinois vein treatment center, Windy City Veins has the right solution for you.