Vein Disease Specialists in Illinois

Varicose veins are a medical condition unpleasant to many people who suffer from it. Those who seek help to get this vein disease treated may not feel confident with solution or treatment methods some doctors or centers offer. At Windy City Veins, we are a specialized vein treatment center located in Illinois that does not believe in the one-way-treatment for all patients.

We strive to provide all our patients with unique and specialized care, treating each of your varicose conditions with complete accuracy. We offer various treatments to alleviate our patients’ pain, swell, and other symptoms caused by chronic venous diseases. 

Why Choose Windy City Veins?

At our vein treatment center, we show compassionate healthcare. Our patients are offered a very personalized consultation, paying close attention to your particular condition. After we have reviewed your case, the best treatment is provided regarding your situation.

Special Care For Each Patient

Our patients are not seen as another case out of plenty. We build a strong relationship between the specialist and the patient. We want to know as much as possible about their condition, learn about their lifestyle, and past possible diseases, they have gone through. The more we explore our patients, the more proper vein treatment we can provide.

Education For An Improved Lifestyle

Apart from the vein treatment our patients receive from our specialists, we educate them on how they can improve their lifestyle. Since varicose veins cause difficulty in blood flow, we suggest they become more active, take long walks, do yoga, and many other activities involving body movement.

Treated By Specialists

Windy City Vein was founded by Dr. Parol Pitroda, a leading specialist certified in internal medicine with vast experience in preventive care, skincare, and nutrition. With over 14 years of experience practicing medicine, she started the practice of varicose veins cares, providing patients with the best vein treatment regarding their special conditional.

The Special Treatment You Deserve

At our vein treatment center, specialized in seeing patients with vein diseases, no matter the stage of their condition, we give our patients the treatment they deserve under the best clinical conditions in Illinois. Dr. Pitroda, our leading physician, has treated over 750 cases successfully.